(Not just an All-State requirement, a great Community Activity opportunity!)
The Idaho 2017-2018 CET Process is completed!
Benita Remaley (K-5)
Lincoln Elementary
Twin Falls
Dist 6 - Post 3001

Winning Teachers forwarded to National and recognized at the Mid-Winter Awards Banquet:
Scott Kimball (6-8)
Tigert Middle School
Soda Springs
Dist 7 - Post 9141

Molly Yates (9-12)
Emmett High School
Dist 4 - Post 4900

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Chairmen should download and review the

Questions, Comments, or Mail Submissions:
VFW Idaho CET Chairman 2017-2018
Tim Hinseth
710 N 6th W
St. Anthony, ID 83445

VPT Programs Chairman Guide