2017 - 2018

Not just an All-State requirement, a great Community Activity opportunity.

Note that the Deadline Dates have been changed again to match the VOD/PatPen schedule! However, National "guidelines" do not take into account the lead preparation time for District Awards or January Mid-Winter Awards Banquet during the Christmas/New Years Holidays, so modifications must be made!

Please download the following documentation items:

01. Program Deadline Schedule (WITH IMPORTANT MODIFICATIONS)

02. Post Entry Nomination Form (PDF Editable)

03. Post Teacher Entry Form (PDF Editable) (Part of Chairman's Manual)

04. District Chairman Statistic Report Forms

If your Teacher is worthy of recognition, you should support their Nomination by observing some general common sense procedures:

          A. Submitted Documents should be TYPED, not handwritten.
              (Clean, organized packages show presentation thoughtfulness)
          B. ALL blank lines should be filled in as required (at all levels).
          C. Statistics should be the same on all submissions!
              (That is, TOTAL POST Numbers/Amounts agree)

Without complete and accurate reporting, you will NOT receive ALL-State Credit. Mail Packages to (or contact me anytime with questions):

Tim Hinseth (Dept Chairman)
710 N 6th W / St. Anthony, ID 83445




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