District 8


Timothy E. Hinseth
Sr. Vice Willis Kortright
Jr. Vice Robert L. Judy
Quartermaster Gary O. Rogers
Adjutant Gary O. Rogers
Chaplain Daniel E. Boomgaarden
Service Officer Kenneth D. Collins


Snake River - Rigby 1004
Idaho Falls 2146
Hans Jensen - Rexburg 3012
Salmon River - Salmon 5840
Harland Clendenin - Arco 7137
Verle Skidmore - Md Lake 8893
Yellowstone Mountain - St. Anthony 9425


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Snake River
Post 1004

Armory, 165 West 2nd South
323 N 4300 E
Rigby, ID 83442
3rd Thursday, 7:00PM

Dues: $35.00

Commander Daniel Boomgaarden
Quartermaster Clinton Welker
Adjutant Gary Williams
Senior Vice Commander  Richard Goshert
Junior Vice Commander Francis Stees
Service Officer Orren Squires
Chaplain Orrin Welker
Judge Advocate Larry Lane
Surgeon James Stringham




Idaho Falls
Post 2146

Veterans Memorial Bldg., 485 Constitution Way
PO Box 2146
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
1st Tuesday, 7:00PM

Dues: $31.00

Commander Robert Akins
Quartermaster Bradley Davis
Adjutant Wayne Lanier
Senior Vice Commander  James Lovejoy
Junior Vice Commander Kenneth Collins
Service Officer Kenneth Collins
Chaplain John Dalling
Judge Advocate Charles Abrahamson
Surgeon John Taylor




Hans Jensen
Post 3012
Post Website

Veterans Memorial Bldg., 203 North 5th West
PO Box 212

Rexburg, ID 83440
1st Wednesday, 8:00PM

Dues: $35.00

Commander Willis Kortright
Quartermaster Gary Rogers
Adjutant Gary Rogers
Senior Vice Commander  Robert Judy
Junior Vice Commander Richard Pingry
Service Officer Robert Judy
Chaplain Stephen Peters
Judge Advocate Jonathon Paynter
Surgeon Nathaniel Mc Kinney



Salmon River
Post 5840

VFW Hall, 1000 VFW Drive
204 Front St.
Salmon, ID 83467
2nd Tuesday, 12:00 Noon

Dues: $35.00

Commander Lynn Weed
Quartermaster James Earl
Adjutant James Earl
Senior Vice Commander  Charles Kane
Junior Vice Commander W Turner
Service Officer Fred Waidely
Chaplain Fred Waidely
Judge Advocate Rinaldo Jenson
Surgeon William Engquist





Harland Clendenin
Post 7137

159 North Idaho Street
Arco, ID 83213
3rd Thursday, 7:00PM

Dues: $40.00

Commander Bert Secrist
Quartermaster Kenneth Babcock
Adjutant Kenneth Babcock
Senior Vice Commander  Arthur Quist
Junior Vice Commander Bradley Huerta
Service Officer Richard Chandler
Chaplain Jay Andersen
Judge Advocate Billy Mc Murtrey
Surgeon Ronald Jardine




Verle Skidmore
Post 8893

Senior Citizens Center
1248 E 1500 North, Terreton 83450
Mud Lake, ID 83450
4th Thursday, 7:00PM

Dues: $35.00

Commander Ronald Engberson
Quartermaster Lester Reiss
Adjutant Daniel Cunnien
Senior Vice Commander  Richard Hanson
Junior Vice Commander Jay Simmons
Service Officer Orvin Twitchell
Chaplain Ronald Ball
Judge Advocate Terry Gilstrap
Surgeon Clarence Haight





Yellowstone Mountain
Post 9425

VFW Hall, 132 West 1st North
PO Box 53
St. Anthony, ID 83445
3rd Wednesday, 7:00PM

Dues: $35.00

Commander Louis Nave
Quartermaster Woodrow Andersen
Adjutant Timothy Hinseth
Senior Vice Commander  LaRoy Hansen
Junior Vice Commander Danny Harris
Service Officer Stacy Whitmore
Chaplain Max Dayton
Judge Advocate James Smith
Surgeon Boyd Clark